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About Canadian Coursepacks

Canadian Coursepacks has been set up as a new way for university and college faculty to discover and select material to use in their courses from the books published by academic and university presses in Canada, in the social sciences and humanities.

On this platform, you will find a new way to browse, discover and select material to use in your courses. You can choose as much material as you want from any book in our collection. The cost averages about 10 cents a page for each copy, or $25 for a 250-page coursepack collection.  Your bookstore can order the coursepack you create either in digital form or printed form. Your bookstore can produce a printed copy of your coursepack, or we will do it. Printing costs add 3-4 cents a page to the final cost of the printed volume. Add on your bookstore’s normal markup, and you’ll find that the cost of this approach is competitive with the prices now being charged by publishers for course materials. Often, our option will be cheaper.

The price for each chapter, set by the publisher, is payment for use of that chapter in a coursepack. There is no separate procedure for copyright clearance; when your bookstore purchases a coursepack copy for resale to students, copyright clearance is included. Chapters from books which are published as open source publications are priced at zero.

Canadian Coursepacks is a nonprofit consortium of Canadian academic publishing houses. We are encouraging all Canadian publishers to use this platform to give you access to their books in chapter form.

If you know of a book from one of our participating publishers which you do not find on the site, please let us know and we will request it from the publisher.

If there are Canadian publishers whose books are not yet on the site, let us know of your interest and we will touch base with them about joining.

Revenues received from the sale of chapters on this site are paid to the publisher of the chapter, and authors will receive a royalty on every copy sold. A portion of the sale price covers the cost of administering this site.

Click here to contact us by email. For more information on contacts, see the contact page.





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